PokeAlert – Notification for Pokemon GO 4.0.13-8 download free APK

The Pokemon GO is a game where players need to move around in order to find the Pokemon and most of the times they don’t know what type of Pokemon they will get. So, the players need to work hard to find their particular favorite Pokemon. The developers of the game are trying really hard to keep this information away from users. This is one of the reasons why you won’t see PokeAlert available in the official Google Play Store.

What PokeAlert does?

Basically, PokeAlert helps the players to scan the availability of the Pokemon in their particular surrounding area. The app scans the area and sends a notification when a Pokemon is found. It can also be used to manually scan the area. The greater the number of dummy PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club) accounts you have added to the app, the more area you will be able to scan. That is what makes PokeAlert an extremely powerful Pokemon tracker app. You can create unlimited PTC accounts using different Gmail ID.

The only problem is you need to use the PokeAlert app very carefully as there is chance of your Pokemon GO account to get banned. To avoid ban just follow this simple rule. For example, if you want to find a Pokemon which is located in the area ‘a’. The PokeAlert uses the Pokemon account to send a request to Pokemon Go server to scan that area. The servers respond and will show all the Pokemon located in that particular area ‘a’. Now, immediately if you rescan an area that is too far away from the area ‘a’ then the servers will detect this unexpected movement and will mark your account as spam. And this will get the result into temporary banning or permanent banning too. To avoid banning the best way is to stay within a limit and scan nearby surrounding area only.

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  • Special mode to find Ditto
  • Real Player mode simulates natural behavior of players
  • Multi-Account support
  • Background scanning

Download PokeAlert 4.0.13-8

Downloading Link 1

Downloading Link 2



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