How To Install Custom ROM On Rooted Android Phone

For Android users here we come with genuine and very safe tip for how to install custom ROM on a rooted Android device. As many of you must have rooted your android device and first trick after rooting device is to install different custom ROM’s which gives the users many benefits. But the worst thing that takes during installation of custom ROM is that sometimes the device can get stuck up and at that time your device will just be a crap for you. So to get aware from those let me polish your brains with some cool and safety tip to how to install a ROM without any problem.

How To Install Custom ROM On Rooted Android Phone:

The tip I am going to teach will help you to easily install the ROM without getting your device stuck. So just follow steps one by one.

1. Completely Backup your Android Data

So the very first you have to do is to take backup of your Android data and for that, I can suggest you download Titanium backup which will work on your rooted and also it will safely backup all your data. And save the backup file to your External SD Card.

2. Backup your current ROM.

After taking backup of your data it is important to take backup of your current ROM too and for this, you can install ROM Manager App, this app will automatically backup your current ROM and what you have to do is to save the backup file in your External SD Card.

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3. Installing Custom ROM

Now after taking all your backup now its time to install your favorite custom ROM now you can install ROM using clockworkMod or else you can use ROM Manager App which is safer. Now just click on Download ROM and there you can download your favorite ROM and easily you can install from there.

Now just enjoy using new ROM but if this does not work I mean if the mobile gets bricked then whats the solution let us see in the last step.

4.  Restore Previous Rom if device gets Bricked

In minor cases, it occurs but if your device gets bricked up then you can easily restore your previous ROM which we have already taken backup of it. Now you can get back to your previous ROM by opening ROM Manager or Clockworkmod and Restore the backup file from your SD Card.

So this how you can customize your Android device by using different ROM’s.


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