How to run your Android Apps inside Chrome/Windows/Linux/MacOS

This post might be attention-grabbing for the people who spent more time on their computers than their smartphones.  Nowadays, app developers are also focusing on the feature that allows their users to run their apps on their Laptop. WhatsApp has been providing its users to run its app on the web for a while now. But, not all the apps have been able to adapt the feature. In that case, there should be a way to run all the Android apps on your PC. Even though there are many third party apps which can run android apps on PC. There are also ways through which you can run android apps in Google Chrome. Yes, it is possible to run Android apps in Google Chrome. There are a few Chrome extensions which allow us to run android apps in the Chrome browser. I will show you two of the best working methods here.

ARC Welder

The first tool is called ARC Welder which is designed for developers to let them test their applications in the Chrome browser. Even though ARC Welder is mainly considered to be for the developers, but it can be used by anyone to simply run their Android apps in their browser. However, not all Android apps will run smoothly as your android device, but some might work perfectly.

How to install and use ARC Welder?

  1. Installation is very easy. Just go to ARC Welder – Chrome Web Store and click on install.
  2. After the ARC Welder is installed. You will need to download Android APKs from the web. I prefer APKMirror as they have a simple UI and you can find different versions of all the apps they provide very easily.
  3. Now that you have your APK ready, launch the ARC Welder.
  4. Once it is open you will be asked to choose a directory where they can write their files. Choose a directory.
  5. After that, you will be asked to Add your APK.
  6. Browse to your APK and open it.
  7. Done! You will be able to choose your own customized settings, Download zip file as well as Test your APK.
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As ARC Welder is mainly used for testing the apps of developers, you will the Test button over here. But if you are just goofing around or just want to use the app normally, you can still do that with the Test button. I have tried to use some of the apps from which a lot of apps work perfectly like the Facebook app, Twitter, Instagram, Flipboard. There were also some apps which refused to work properly due to their touch-friendly UI.


ARChon Custom Runtime

This is another tool which lets you run Android apps on Chrome browser. Also, this tool is not an official extension so it might not run properly on your device. This extension supports both 32 bit and 64 bit and has different download links for both kinds of system.

How to install ARChon on your Chrome browser?

  1. Download and extract Archon Custom Runtime.
  2. Now open Chrome. From the top right corner click on the three verticle dots, go to More tools > Extensions.
  3. Check the Developer Mode check box
  4. Click on Load unpacked extension… and browse to your downloaded extension.
  5. Let the installation process finish.


How to install Android apps in Chrome?

Now that you have installed ARChon Runtime, I will show you how to install Android apps in Chrome. Basically, there are three methods to install android apps with ARChon Runtime.

Method 1: By downloading already converted apps

This the simplest method of all three as you do not have to anything other than just download already compatible apps with ARChon. Yet it is also the biggest disadvantage as there are only a few of these compatible apps available on the web. You can find some of them at this spreadsheet or try browsing through this ChromeAPK subreddit.

  1. After you have downloaded your APK. Open chrome. Go to Extensions and then Load unpacked extension.
  2. Browse to your app. This will install the app in your chrome
  3. Enjoy!
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Method 2: Converting APK in Android App

This method requires an Android phone. In your Android Device:

  1. Download and install ARChon Packager.
  2. Once you open the app you will be asked to select an installed app or select APK file.
  3. After you select the file start converting.
  4. Take the converted file and transfer it to your computer.
  5. Open chrome. Go to Extensions and then Load unpacked extension.
  6. Browse to your app. This will install the app in your chrome
  7. Enjoy!

Method 3: Converting android apps using chrome extension

In case you do not have an android phone, this method will definitely work for you. You will need chrome extension as well as APK file of your app. You can find and APK file here.

  1. Install Twerk chrome extension.
  2. After the installation, go to chrome://apps. Launch Twerk.
  3. Now locate you APK file on your computer. Drag and drop it to the Twerk window where it says “Drop APK Here”. Customize the options as needed then click on the build button.
  4. After that, Open chrome. Go to Extensions and then Load unpacked extension.
  5. Browse to your app and select it. Your app should in a folder that Twerk created.
  6. Done!

These are the three methods to install android apps with ARChon Runtime.

To conclude, these two chrome extensions offers easiest and legit ways to install android apps in Chrome on your computer. Moreover, as these are chrome extensions, they can work on any desktop operating system be it Windows, Linux or macOS as long as you have a Chrome browser installed. However, we cannot expect them to run the same way as they do on Android devices. This is still a better way to install android apps on a computer in comparison to all those distrustful third party apps. If you have any queries or doubts regarding any of these methods, let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you find this article helpful, please support us by sharing this article on Facebook.

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