How to capture scrolling screenshots on Android like Samsung Galaxy S8

This one is interesting and as well as useful the scrolling screenshot is one of the most useful feature of Samsung Galaxy S8. If you are confuse let me first clear out, What is scrolling screenshot? So, basically this feature allows you to take longer, scrolling screenshots of a whole page. There are plenty of apps which allows you to stitch together screenshots manually to make a one piece of file, but that’s tedious. For this problem’s solution I am here going to show you how you can take scrolling screenshots on your Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus.

The scrolling screenshot feature was first introduced in Samsung Galaxy Note 5, afterwards it was improved in Galaxy S7 the featured is named “Capture more”. The best part of this feature was that it allows you to take a long screenshot from top to bottom, in one file. This feature is back again, special thanks to Galaxy S8 where this feature is named “Scroll Capture”. As this year Galaxy S8 popularity is blooming up and this is because of its design and amazing features which makes it attractive to users to buy.

And as i mentioned the Scroll capture feature in Galaxy S8, other smartphone users are also willing to have this feature in their device too. It is not an inbuilt feature in Android itself, this doesn’t mean it can’t be done. There’s a third party app called “Stitch & Share” to use this feature who don’t have Galaxy phones.

Stitch & Share: big screenshot Install on Google Play

This app allows you to first take screenshots normally, then it stitches different screenshots together automatically. With this app, you can make screenshots together into one long screenshot and share it with your friends instantly, or save it onto your device in one file. You can also highlight messages you really like, or hide them if there’s things you don’t want others to see. To make you understand easy I have attached a video below which will explain you how to use Stitch & Share app.

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  1. Take a big screenshot by simply scrolling through an app.
  2. Simply you can edit screenshot if you want.
  3. Forget to send tons of screenshots to your friends, just send one link or image.
  4. It’s quick, easy and fast.

Through this app you can capture a screenshot of an entire website, news article or app with Stitch & Share from the Play Store.

How to use the App?

It’s a very easy process just download the app from the playstore and grant the required permissions and that’s it. Now open the app and take your first big screenshot. First take a normal screenshot using your device’s unique button combination as usual. Then gradually scroll down until a small portion of previous screenshot is visible so that it makes easy to understand the whole image captured. Just repeat those steps until you have taken screenshots of everything you want. Now swipe down your phone’s notification panel and their tap the “Stitch & Share” notification to open it up. Also, you can directly open the Stitch & Share app and you can select the screenshots which you want to be automatically merge or we can say stitched. Now, the final step from there just tap the green arrow to save or share your scrolling screenshot. That’s it.

I have attached an image below which will clear out your imaginations that how the long scrolling screenshot will look. There are certain or i can say couple of drawbacks of the app, many times results aren’t always perfect, and a small watermark will appear on the bottom right unless you upgrade to a paid version. But except this the app is awesome and will work smoothly in your android devices. That’s It…!!!

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If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article you are always free to comment below in the box. We are always ready to help you.


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