How to control your PC with Android phone

Nowadays the android smartphone almost has all capabilities that what a PC or Laptop can do but at the time of accessing a file or to run a program or making a presentation, etc you will definitely need a PC or laptop for this type of works but if you feel laziness in working on a PC or I can say you are a phonoholic or android lover than here I have brought a special thing for you that is you can remotely access your PC in your Android phone or Tablet and you can work on all things which is in your PC on Android phone or tablet. So here look at what is the process of it.

Here to do this you just need Google Chrome Remote Desktop which be used in android smartphone and tablet. For the best experience of this I prefer you to have a tablet or 5 inch display android phone so that you can experience like as if working a PC or laptop.

Things to be needed

  1. A PC or laptop.
  2. An Android Phone or Tablet.
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop which is available for free in Google Playstore.
  4. As you are using Chrome app in your phone so you have to install Google Chrome web browser in your PC or Laptop.

First Setup your Computer

To start this process first of all it is important to have Chrome web browser installed on your computer without this nothing will work. After installing Chrome web browser move towards chrome web store and search for Chrome remote desktop and it will appear first as you will see it is available for free. So install it and now follow the below given step.

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Install chrome desktop



After downloading chrome remote desktop now start installing it by clicking on Launch App button or you can just write chrome://apps and you will see the icon of chrome remote desktop now open it up and before starting a message will appear displaying the access to use this chrome remote desktop so to use this it is important to get connect with your google account and then only you are permitted to use this app.

remote desktop access


Now after getting access to use this app as shown below in the image two features are available to use this app first one is remote assistance and My computers. The first one Remote assistance is used, user to user screen sharing and it is perfectly used whenever suddenly you are in need of technical support the you can get connect with remote assistance. But here we are interested in second option as with help of second option you can get full access to your own computer from anywhere. So in the second option click on Get Started.

Get Started


As you click on Get Started button a message will appear before it starts that is you have to enable your remote connections to use the chrome remote desktop. Click on the button shown enable remote connections and as you click it will start downloading. Once the download gets complete you have to first run the installer before continuing it. When you open the downloaded remote connection the below shown image like that will appear

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Chrome remote assistance


So here a better feature is provided by chrome remote desktop as if you are working up with some important things and to protect your remote connection the chrome remote assistance is used here as you have to setup your own any favourite digits which you can remember easily and at least six digits will be required now when you are trying to connect with your computer from your android phone so those digits will be necessary to type in your Android phone.

Final step to connect with Android phone

Download remote desktop


Now open playstore and download Chrome remote desktop which is available for free and then open it up and as shown below in the first image in the top middle there you will see My Computers click the and select the google account which you have connected in the PC as many of the android users have two or more google accounts in their android phones.


Connect with PC

Enter Pin

So as i explain above i also connected with the appropriate google account which is connected with my PC chrome remote desktop so as you connect just refresh once and you will see below the name of your PC as here my PC name is Mihir. Now in the next step click on your PC name and it will ask you the PIN number which you have made in the PC so enter the PIN and that’s it the desktop will appear on your android phone screen.



PC Desktop on Android Screen

Search on Android

You can watch in the first image above, the desktop screen will be displayed on your android phone now the second thing is how to operate it as you move your finger up down any where on the screen the mouse cursor will also move to open file or folder just you have to double click on it. Now the next thing is you also zoom in or out by pinching in or out your fingers. In the second image if you are having windows 8 0r 8.1 then you can search as shown above.

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Open Word in android phone

So you can open all those Office softwares and you can work on your projects and other things easily on your android phone sitting anywhere away from your PC and it will get saved in your PC. Also you can open tour saved work and you can do edit in it.

Play games


If you want to play your PC games but your tired to play in PC then you can play it on your Android phone as i wanted to play GTA 3 then i can just play it on my Android phone. So this is what can do by connecting your PC with android phone. And it is very easy as it just takes very few minutes to start this process.

So just follow this simple steps and start using your PC in your android phone you will really enjoy it. If have any queries regarding this you comment below and also share your views about this feature below in the comment box. Thank You…!!!!




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